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Thank you for connecting with Power n 24/7 Praise!

Thank you for connecting with Power n 24/7 Praise!

This site is to motivate, edify, and inspire you to accomplish all God has planned for your life.  How you ask? It starts with worship and praise. Worship is spending time telling God the Creator of your acute awareness of the awesomeness of His magnificence.

God has blessed me to share myself with everyone and anyone who knows God but is on the edge or sitting on the fence of indifference or doubt. Why? Maybe something I say or maybe the way I say it may make a difference. Then the wavering and doubting will be saved to start on a path of power, overcoming the adversary. You may be as I was. The doubt was not in God but in myself.

I once was a shy teenager who sat on the back row gripped with fear that I would be called upon to say something. Why was I there? I needed more of God, plain and simple. God so moved on me that he brought me from the back row to the front desk to replace the teacher. Oh, it didn’t happen overnight.  I had this thorn in my flesh all the way back to my elementary years and even now the devil tries to get me into the self pitied state. It took years of prayer and praise to overcome.  Now I am in ministry at my local place of worship, in the community, and in the nursing home. I share the gospel of Jesus Christ as I go. Where did this power come from you ask? Read the inspired book, Power n 24/7 Praise and you will also be blessed. To God be the glory! Why should I praise Him you ask?

Can anyone create something greater than himself or herself?  I mean, you would have to have it in you to bring it out, yes? The most beautiful vessel can be molded, shaped, perfected, and crafted by the most skilled craftsman. However, no matter what, where, or how you receive inspiration, the first step is visualizing the masterpiece. Visualizing requires the vision to be within does it not?

Let me help you. Consider the grandness of the Grand Canyon.

I ventured to Flagstaff Arizona one year with the church youth. WOW! The word “grand” is an understatement.  Just as mere words are understatements in describing the awesomeness and magnificence of such beauty as the Canyon, words even the collection of the most eloquent descriptive words are inadequate to describe the absolute perfection of God the Creator. So, with whom would the most awesome magnificence originate? When I first looked down into the Canyon, I could say nothing but “O my God”! Those were the only words for the first initial minutes as I stood in paralyzed amazement.  In an effort to muffle sobs, I tightly clinched lips to no avail. My version of ultimate praise and worship to God spilled out into the air as I waived my hands widely over all the beauty and indiscernible colors and depth of endlessly for miles of scenic splendor. How can one fathom the depth and beauty of God that is greater than the Grandness of the Canyon? Never seen the Grand Canyon? Think on this…

You were in the mind of God before you were a being. He visualized you than he formed you and shaped you into His masterpiece. Oh, you may not be all of that to others but to God you are the perfect design of His vision. You are somebody, His masterpiece. I am somebody God created us in His image now we have to believe it and praise Him for it every day. What He’s done for me, He will do for you! He will take you out of self and put you into Him!

Our worship and praise are meager gestures from our earthy tabernacles yet Jesus Christ says in John 12:32, “if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.” This is just one of the many scriptures that commands our worship to the Most High Creator. We worship God for the beauty He creates for our pleasure and His. In addition, we glory in the scripture that describes the picturesque wonders of His majestic glory. We must look into the word of God to add depth and beauty to your life.

Power n 24/7 Praise is here to encourage you to seek the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, seek him while he can be found. Seek him in every aspect of your life. Pray to Him from your spirit, sing to him from your heart, rejoice in him from all that is within you, not just here or there, once in a while, not even once a week but give him 24/7 praise!